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Newest Version: 0.62 (2015-09-02)

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! UPDATE TO >=0.6 ! Previous version will crash caused by a change on dotlan.

After I came to Providence, someone said to me: "Some day you will get all the systemnames!" ... that did not work for me. And seriously how can you have an eye on more than one intel channel?

As a lazy guy, I got the idea: "Hey why could not a program do the work for me?", so I started to work on Vintel.

Current features:

KOS-Checker manual:

  1. Checking one (or some) pilot(s):
    write xxx in any chat and drag and drop the pilots names after this. (fe: xxx Nilrem Utrigas)

  2. Checking the whole local:
    The option must be activated in the menu (activate local KOS-Check)
    Click on a pilot in the pilot list
    Hit STRG+A, STRG+C, STRG+C (in less than 2 seconds)
    (This only works if one of your own chars is on the list)

While a KOS-check runs the systemtray-icon has a green background.
The result is shown as a systemtray-notifiaction and additional in VINTEL's chat.

The result:

  • The KOS-checker knows now different states of "KOS".
    • ? (Unknown): the pilot is not known by the KOS-checker and his employment history seems not hostile.
    • NOT kos: the pilot is known as NOT KOS by the KOS-checker
    • KOS: the pilot is known as KOS by the KOS-checker
    • RED by last: the last non-NPC-Corp the pilot was employed is KOS.

This is an "all in one" version for windows.  Just download, click it and the program will start.

If you have any problems, please let me know using EVE Mail or e-mail to
Please tell me also feature requests or bug reports.

Fly safe (or dangerous) Nilrem Utrigas

Known bugs

This is known and will be fixed in 0.62:

No bugs known at the moment


Standalone .exe for Windows


Planned features

Following features are on the ToDo-List. Please don't request them.
The list is not sorted by priority, I will implement what makes fun:


Screenshot early version


Version History

0.62 2015-09-02
  • The menu has a new order. Have fun to search your options ;)
  • You can use your own jumpbridge-data now. Open the Menupoin "Map"
  • Some minor bugfixes

Standalone EXE for Windows       Sourcecode

0.61 2015-08-03
  • Volume control added (You may find it using the "Sound"-Button above the map or the "Sound Setup" entry in the menu)


  • VINTEL does not loger forget your user set chatrooms after three days

Standalone EXE for Windows             Sourcecode

0.6 2015-07-17 Previous versions will not longer work with the dotlan-maps, because they changes some things with the new sov-system.

  • You can change the region now

  • Works with dotlan after 7/15 changes.
  • Some minor bugfixes

Standalone EXE for Windows             Sourcecode

0.51 2015-04-13
System statistics can be shown. (Use the button above the map).
J = Jumps, S = Shipkills, F = Faction (NPC) Kills, P = Podkills, always in the last hour.
Data is loaded from the EVE API and is updated every hour.

  • MOTD should be ignored now
  • Dragging on map should not longer crash VINTEL on Windows
  • VINTEL will not longer crash if the jumpbridge-data is not wellformed or not available

Standalone EXE for Windows             Sourcecode

0.50 2015-03-21 Some new features for the KOS-checker. Please read the manual for the KOS-Checker for all functions.
  • The KOS-checker knows now different states of "KOS".
    • ? (Unknown): the pilot is not known by the KOS-checker and his employment history seems not hostile.
    • NOT kos: the pilot is known as NOT KOS by the KOS-checker
    • KOS: the pilot is known as KOS by the KOS-checker
    • RED by last: the last non-NPC-Corp the pilot was employed is KOS
  • The background of VINTEL's systemtray-icon will change to green while a KOS-check runs. (That should tell you there is something running in the background, because checking the employment-history of a pilot can take some time.)
  • The result of a KOS-check is now also posted in VINTEL's chat-window.

Please note, that the official KOS-checker is the only reliable source for a KOS-check. I tried my best to connect VINTEL to the checker and bring "red by last" to the test. But keep in mind, that the check can have errors. And please tell me if VINTEL's KOS-check brings up another result than you expected.


  • VINTEL now understands again different types to make a system clear. This was broken since  0.46.
  • Some users reported errors like "xyz does not match timestamp". VINTEL silently throughs away those "corrupted" messages now. Please report if you find missing messages in the chat.
  • A new build-environment is used to create the standalone exe. This might terminate some problems like missing certificates for a secure internet connection (needed by the EVE-API, f.e.)

Standalone .exe for windows       Sourcecode

Bugfix release!
As mentioned 0.48 moving the context menu to the map can have errors.
Temporary feature freeze to bring the base stable.

  • No ImportError for "date" or "sound" in the systemtray now.

Standalone .exe for windows       Sourcecode

0.48 2015-03-01 Bugfix release!
Note that this release could not be tested. The changes to the context-menus can bring new problems.

  • Added the context-menu from the systemtray-icon to the map. You can open it with clicking with your right mouse button on the map.
  • A "Restore Frame"-button will be added to the map, if the window is set frameless.


  • Fixed a problem with decoding system-names
Standalone .exe for windows       Sourcecode
0.47 2015-02-28
  • Soundsupport! If there is a notification there is also a sound played. You can disable it in the menu. Sound needs the pygame library.
  • Global exception handler: in the past VINTEL fails silently on fatal errors. Now it has an error-dialog and writes an error-log which can be send by e-mail.
  • There are Quit buttons in the menu (and also in the trayicon menu)
  • The window can be set frameless (what means undecorated). An undecorated window is automatically always on top.
  • Saving the state of the window on exit and restore it on restart. (Position, frameless, settings, etc.)
  • A "clear"-state-message which is assigned to an old message will not longer double the first message.

Standalone .exe for Windows       Sourcecode

Please note: With this release I started to improve the chat parser. When I started VINTEL it should only find systemnames to mark them on a map. But it makes sense to find much more in the messages. The complete change to the new system may last some time and it is possible that some things does not work which works in earlier releases because I missed the correct integration in the new system. So please let me know if you find a problem.

  • Chat can be hidden (find the option in the menu)
  • You can KOS-check a whole local with: mark all names in local, copy it twice to the clipboard (klick on the namelist in loca, than CTRL+A CTRL+C CTRL+C).
    This only works if: you press CTRL+C twice within 3 seconds and one of your onw charnames is in the list of names (that is because of prevent the kos-checker for accidentally spamming with clipboard-contents that does not belongs to it)
    The result is a taskbar-notifcation.
    Please try for me if this does now finally works on windows
  • URLs in the chatmessages are marked and a click will open them in the default browser.
  • Avatars on chat can be hidden (option in the chat menu)


  • Added a searchpath for the chatlog on MacOS
  • Shipnames now market, even if they appears on the start of a message
  • Testing on the begin of parsing if the message is already known. Can speedup VINTEL with multiaccounting
  • Fallback if there is a problem getting the charid from the eve-api
  • Not alarm-notification if your own char reports it

Standalone .exe for windows         Sourcecode

2015-02-08 Bugfix release.

  • Starting with standard chatchannels (if rooms never changed) works now.
  • Changing chatchannels works now.

Standalone .exe for Windows       Sourcecode

  • Lifetime of the cached map ends 1 hour after downtime (so the map is always fresh)
  • Position of your characters can be set in the system dialog
  • Notifications for alerts in neighbored systems are possible (max. 5 jumps distance). You can activate it by right-clicking the taskbar icon.
  • You can define which chatrooms should be watched by VINTEL (find the option in the menu).
  • New marker if you click a system in the chat
  • New violet ellipse for the systems you have a character in
  • The view of jumpbridges will now draw a rectangle around the systems with the same color as the jumpbridge-line.
  • Shipnames are now marked blue in the intel chat
  • Background of the "cleared"-system will light up until it is white after 10 minutes

  • Some small fixes to the filewatcher
  • Check for new version at startup.
  • Jumpbridges on map are possible
  • Your loactions on map will have a violet backgrond (instead of orange)
  • If someone says "clear" vintel tries to find out which system was meant
  • KOS-checker function: type xxx + charname to make a KOS-check. If the requested pilot is known to the KOS-checker, you will be informed by a taskbar notification.
  • Timer will not longer stop when a system is requested
  • Your location will be cleared after entering a wormhole
  • The word "station" is not longer interpreted as a status request
  • Format and link fuckup will not longer happen, if the short-form matches more than one system
  • Clicking the icon in the system-tray will minimize the window if active, else make it active.
  • You can make vintel's window transparent (look at the menu). 
  • New colors for alarmed systems on the map: system was reported last <4min <10min <15m <25min >25min
  • As clean reported system will get a green background now.
  • Removed the tab-widget. The content needs less height now.
  • System chats for systems with lower case letters works now
  • "as" is not longer interpreted as "Assah" in the chat.
  • "is" (lower case) is ignored in the chat, but "IS" (upper case) can be used as a short form for systems starting with these letters.
0.4 2015-01-15 First public release. Features included:
  • Intelchats merged to one chat
  • Parser to find systems in chat
  • Display map
  • Klick on system in chat will mark system on map
  • Reported systems will get red
  • A timer shows how long the reporting is gone
  • After 4 minutes a system will get light red (any reporting will restart the timer)
  • A click on the system will show all messages bound to the system
  • The position of your characters are marked on the map wit an orange background
  • If a system is reported or its status requested and you are in, a taskbar notifiaction will inform you.
0.32 2015-01-14 Non-official testing-release
0.31 2015-01-10 New Filewatcher. On windows was a problem with the notification of file changes.